• Accident and Emergency

    KPJ AMPANG PUTERI SPECIALIST HOSPITAL Ambulance Services provides ambulance services from Perlis to Johor Bahru. We respond to emergency calls from home, clinics and public calls for assistance.

    The Ambulance Services is professionally staffed with Paramedics, Emergency equipment and drugs tailored to the patient's need.

    Our Services

    • Provide immediate first aid services to patient
    • Transport the patients to hospital for continuum of care and treatment
    • Transportation of adults with portable ventilator facilities
    • Transportation of infants / neonates with portable incubator and ventilator facilities
    • As pick up transport facilities for outpatient clinic appointment, treatment or daycare treatment
    • Transportation of discharge patients from hospital to home
    • Shuttle patients from hospital to airport, seaport as and when the needs arise
    • Respond team as Standby Medic Team and any event

    Our Team

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    Contact Us

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