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3 Months Deal Health Screening Package
PROMO 1: RM140
- Physical Examination & Consultation by Physician
* Blood & Urine Investigation
--> General Screening Profile (GP54H)
* Full Blood Count
* Diabetes Mellitus Screening
* Renal Profile Screening
* Cholesterol Profile
* Liver Function Screening
* Urine FEME
* Dietitian
--> Consultation
--> Body Composition Analysis
MYR 140.00
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Covid-19 Screening
Great news! KPJ Batu Pahat Specialist Hospital is offering promotion for our Covid-19 RT-PCR Test at the price of RM250 and RTK-Antigen at the price of RM140.

We provide Drive-Thru Covid-19 Screening service to ensure you can get the best and safest screening.

Our Drive-Thru Covid-19 Screening is located behind our hospital building area which does not involve the patients and our staff's
MYR 250.00
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Health Screening Packages
BASIC PACKAGE (08600036)

* Physical Examination & Consultation by Medical Officer
* Radiology Examination
--> Chest X-Ray
* Blood & Urine Investigation
General Screening Profile (GP59H)
--> Full Blood Count
--> Renal Profile Screening
--> Liver Function Screening
--> Lipid Profile
MYR 200.00
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Maternity Package
Normal Delivery: Starts from RM3,333
Caesarean: Starts from RM8,888

* 3 days and 2 nights stay (Caesarean)
* 2 days and 1 night stay (Normal Delivery) (Four Bedded)
* Blood Screening
* Consultation & Management of Labor Fee (O&G & Paeds)
* Newborn Vaccination
MYR 3,333.00
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Post COVID-19 Screening

Are you a survivor of COVID-19?

Post-COVID-19 conditions are a wide range of new, returning, or ongoing health problems people can experience four or more weeks after first being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Even people who did not have COVID-19 symptoms in the days or weeks after they were infected can have post-COVID-19 conditions.

MYR 348.00
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Pre-University & Pre-Employment Health Screening Packages
PACKAGE PE-1 (08600040)

* Physical Examination by Medical Officer
* Chest X-Ray
* Blood & Urine Investigation
--> Urine FEME
--> Blood Group

PACKAGE PE-2 (08600041)

* Physical Examination by Medical Officer
MYR 130.00
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Typhoid Vaccination
Typhoid Vaccination helps to prevent typhoid disease such as high fever, fatigue, weakness, stomach pains and headache which is an infection caused by typhoid bacteria.
This vaccination is recommended for workers routinely exposed to typhoid bacteria, such as certain researchers, lab employees and workers who handled food and drinks. Travelers who are travelling to destinations where the risk of typhoid
MYR 80.00
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