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    Executive Cancer Screening (Male)

    MYR 615.00

    1)  Physical Examination & Consultation by General Surgeon

    2)  Radiology Examination:

    • Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis

    3)  Blood & Urine Investigation:

    • Executive Medical Screening Profile (GP61P):
      • Full Blood Count
      • Diabetes Mellitus Screening
      • Renal Profile Screening
      • Lipid Profile
      • Liver Function Screening
      • Thyroid Function Screening
      • Rheumatoid Screening
      • Hepatitis Screening
      • Urine FEME
      • ABO Blood Grouping
    • Hepatitis C Ab (HCV Ab)
    • Cancer Marker:
      • CEA (Colon Cancer)
      • AFP (Liver Cancer)
      • PSA (Prostate Cancer)
      • CA19.9 (Pancreatic Cancer)

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        Patient's Preparation:

        1. Customers are advised to fast for at least 8 hours the night before. However, plain water is allowed.
        2. Please wear comfortable and loose attire and shoes for the Treadmill (Stress Test).
        3. Customers are encouraged to arrive early, ideally at 8.30 am for registration.

        Important Notes:

        1. Final prices may vary due to computerized calculations.
        2. Consultants may order extra tests/procedures if necessary.
          • (Any additional test/procedures will be charged separately)
        3. Any test/procedure stated in the package is strictly not exchangeable, not refundable, not replaceable and not transferable.