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    Check it out! Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist, Datuk Dr Musa Vaccine Rap Song

    08:30AM, 29 January, 2020

    Dear Rakyats, quickly get your flu vaccines at the nearest Hospital! We care for you. Stay safe and have a good weekend. ????

    #RebelScum and #AmanRa must do a rap

    To close the serious knowledge gap
    Protect us from #anti-vaxxer’s trap
    Keep them liars under wraps .
    #anti-vaxxers say that polio is biasa
    In Google they already periksa
    But WHO says it is luar-biasa
    Kalau tak kawal nanti binasa .
    #anti-vaxxers are terrible vermins
    Peddling mega-doses of vitamins
    A,B,C,D,E and thiamin
    #anti-vaxxers doing a lot of harming .
    #anti-vaxxers berlagak so very pious
    Beware they are very dangerous
    Like measles so very treacherous
    They spread like wildfire, I am serious! .
    #anti-vaxxers say dr and pharma nak jual vaksin
    Vaccines yang expired, must throw in rubbish bin
    #anti-vaxxers spread a lot of berita angin
    Tak takut ke committing so many sins? .
    They attack me giler-giler
    Going crazy on alam siber
    Tetapi their hujjah tidak ada kaliber
    Because Dr Google is their only sumber .
    O readers! Don’t become layu
    And read #anti-vax claims as though it is wahyu
    Be strong like Gunung Kinabalu
    May the #Force be with you



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