• Patient Care

    Admission & Discharge

    Your admission is usually arranged by the attending consultants in advance and a letter of admission is given for you to be admitted on a per-arranged day. This does not apply to emergency or casualty admission. Those in labor will be admitted at any time of the day or night. Our friendly staff at the lobby will assist you with the admission procedure.

    Discharge Procedure

    You will be discharged upon the consultant's advice. Your nurse will present you with your outpatient appointment card. You will be able to settle your bill at the cashier's counter on the first floor.

    Mode of Payment

    1. Cash
    2. Major credit cards
    3. Letter of guarantee
    4. Insurance coverage


    1.  A deposit is required from patient upon admission except for patient with guarantee letter (GL), from company approved by the management. Patient or relative of patient is required to top u their outstanding amount if there is outstanding balance of deposit within 24 hours of admission.