• q. Maternity Package

    MYR 2,788.00

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    1. For deliveries after office hours, a surcharge of 50% (from the usual fees) will be added to the doctors' fees (O&G/Paeds/Anaes)

    2. Additional RM240 for instrumental deliveries

    3. Packages applicable to self-paying patients only

    4. Eligible for single room and 2/3 bedded

    Package INCLUDES

    For mothers:

    • Accommodation

    - Patient's accommodation & individual delivery suite. 

    • Personal Items

    - Hospital toiletries pack 

    • Consultants' Fees

    - O&G, Annesthesiologist patient requests epidural analgesia) 

    • Antibiotics and pain relief medications

    • Drugs used for Augmentation of Labour

    For babies :

    • Consultant Paediatrician's Fee

    - Newborn's first screening

    • Baby's Vaccination

    - Hepatitis B (first dose only), vitamin K and BCG injections.

    • Neonatal Screening

    - G6PD, blood grouping and TSH.

    • Neonatal Hearing Test

    Package EXCLUDES

    • Any extra procedures arising from maternal or fetal complications (eg: heavy bleeding, meconium aspiration by baby, etc)

    • Other laboratory and diagnostic imaging investigations

    • Pharmacy items utilised due to above complications

    • Extra sutures

    • Vaginal pessaries used for (IOL) Induction of Labour


    Home Nursing Service (within 15km radius)

    - Special KPJ Baby Suit