• Health Packages

    Our screening packages are specially tailored for you and your family for an active lifestyle.

    m. Circumcision Package
    Circumcision Package as low as RM788! The surgery will be performed by our very own General Surgeon in a sterile and hygienic environment. It is a painless and safe procedure for your children. Call for your appointment slot today!
    MYR 788.00
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    n. Home Nursing Services

    Home sweet home, even comfier with care! Our friendly home nurses bring smiles and support, right to your door. Relax, recover, or get a helping hand - with personalized plans and sunshine attitudes. It's happiness delivered, for a brighter day at home!

    Services Available:

    · Change of Gastro Feeding Tubes

    · Change of Urinary Drainage

    · Wound Care

    · Medication (Injection and others)

    · Physical Health Check (Blood Pressure & Sugar Test)

    · Bed Bath and Skin Care

    · Health Education (diabetic, cardiac counseling)

    · Suction

    · Blood Taking

    · Physiotherapy Services


    Minor Dressing (RM40)

    Change of Ryles Tube (RM50)

    Change of CBD (RM90)

    *Charges are based on services provided

    *An additional of RM10 will be charged for transport services within 15-20KM radius

    MYR 40.00
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    o. Angiogram Package

    Angiogram Package RM3888 only.

    Coronary angiogram is a dye test used to detect heart problems. A long, thin flexible tube called a catheter is inserted into your wrist or your groin and guided up to your heart. Once in position, a dye is injected and x-ray pictures are taken. The special dye allows the x-rays to capture pictures of your coronary arteries and to highlight where any blockages or narrowed spots may be. This test can also look at the condition of your heart valves and your heart muscle.

    MYR 3,888.00
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    p. Pre-Employment/Pre University Screening Package

    Big dreams ahead? Prep for success with our Pre-Employment & Pre-University Screening Package! Get ahead of the curve with health & wellness checks, tailored guidance, and a confidence boost. Ace your screening, shine in interviews, and start strong! It's your future, made brighter.

    MYR 89.00
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    q. Bariatric Surgery

    Bariatric Surgery

    MYR 28,555.00
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    r. Cochlear Implant

    Struggling with your hearing aids?

    Cochlear Implant can activate your hearing and your life!

    Call our Audiologist for more information.

    Price starts from RM70,000

    MYR 70,000.00
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    s. Total Knee Replacement Package

    Total Knee Replacement Package

    MYR 19,888.00
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