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    Department of Paediatric

    Department of Paediatric

    Explore our clinical outcome records for an in-depth understanding on the standards of our clinical care. By sharing clinical outcomes with the public, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital encourages patients to make informed decisions regarding their treatment and institution of choice.

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    Pediatrics Services
    Pediatrics team provides comprehensive care for children of all ages in a conducive environment with personal attention and tailored treatment

    Special Expertise/ Services

    1. Pediatric Cardiology
    2. Neonatology, Preterm babies, Respiratory support, CPAP, HFOV and NO, full range of NICU services
    3. Allergy test consultation - skin prick test & Blood test
    4. Infectious Disease - PCR investigation, treatment, isolation rooms
    5. Development Pediatrics - Autism, ADAD, Dyslexia, Learning Disorder
    6. Occupational Therapy for pediatrics
    7. Physiotherapy for Pediatric
    8. Audiology services for newborn and pediatrics, brainstem evoked a response

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    Percentage of Unplanned Readmission for the Same Condition within 48 Hours of Discharge