• Vision, Missions and Core Values

    KPJ Healthcare Berhad’s (KPJ) business is founded on the vision of being the preferred healthcare provider in the region. We are focused on delivering world-class quality healthcare services through our wide range of specialised healthcare solutions throughout our regional footprint across five countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Australia.

    Vision and Mission


    The Preferred Healthcare Provider


    Delivering Quality Healthcare Services

    Core Values

    Safety, courtesy, integrity, professionalism, continuous improvement

    Our Vision is being THE PREFERRED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. Our fundamental purpose is the delivery of exceptional health treatment, care and diagnosis to all our patients. We are dedicated to being the preferred provider of care, with innovative use of technology, experienced doctors and well-trained staff who collaborate to offer the best diagnosis and treatment plans.

    As we go all out to implement our Mission of DELIVERING QUALITY HEALTHCARE SERVICES. Our mission is to improve the health of the people and the communities we serve. Led by a team of skilled and caring medical staff, we are consistently focused on clinical excellence and innovative technology for superior patient outcomes.

    The KPJ Ipoh team undertakes its roles and responsibilities with a spirit of excellent and a passion that exceeds stakeholder expectations first time, every time. They are guided by the Group’s Core Values of Ensuring Safety, Delivery Services with Courtesy, Performing Duties with Integrity, Exercising Professionalism at all time, and Striving for Continuous Improvement.