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    KPJ Specialist Hospital was selected as Quanrou's first private hospital for vaccination center

    08:31AM, 17 April, 2021

    KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital is the first private hospital in Johor to become a new crown vaccination center. (Photo: Liu Weijie)

    (Johor Bahru, 12th) KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital was selected by the Ministry of Health as the new crown vaccination center, arranging the new crown vaccination for 1,008 medical staff and staff in the hospital, of which 750 will be vaccinated within this week. This is also the first private hospital in Johor Bahru to become a new crown vaccination center.

    The hospital promoted the first phase of the new crown vaccination plan this Monday (12th), divided into 3 days, today (12th), 14th and 15th each arranged 250 medical staff and staff to receive Pfizer vaccination .

    Since 8 a.m., the hospital's medical staff and staff have started to register, and conduct a brief briefing session, and then began to wait for the first dose of the new crown vaccine. After being vaccinated, the medical staff can take a short break and return to their respective jobs after 15 to 30 minutes of observation time.

    One of the nurses, Fahana (27 years old), said in an interview with Oriental Daily that she felt a little nervous before receiving the new crown vaccine, but after completing the vaccination, she only felt a little pain and did not have any discomfort.

    She pointed out that she completed the vaccination in just two hours, and overall it went quite smoothly.

    Another nurse, Chen Yuezhu (55 years old), said that she was lucky that the medical staff were able to be vaccinated in the hospital because they were able to receive vaccinations nearby without having to travel to the vaccination center. This is a private hospital. Good start.

    "Since our country launched the new crown vaccination plan, I am full of expectations for it. I hope that through the new crown vaccination, the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible and life can return to normal."

    Asked whether she would feel unwell after being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, she said that everything was in good condition after she was vaccinated.

    KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital's medical director Lusri Arsha said frankly that he was pleased that the hospital was selected as a new crown vaccination center, especially the medical staff standing on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, often close contact with patients, and more need vaccine Keep them safe.

    "As early as March of this year, 50 specialist doctors from this hospital have gone to the New Crown Vaccination Center in Taman Adda, New Mountain, to take the lead in completing the vaccination."

    He added that the remaining medical staff and employees will be arranged to be vaccinated in the second phase of the hospital's new crown vaccination plan, but the details are subject to further notification from the Ministry of Health.

    "Such an arrangement not only allows medical staff to administer vaccines nearby, but also speeds up people's vaccination, and achieves the goal of immunizing 80% of the national population as soon as possible.

    KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital began arranging medical staff to be vaccinated against the new crown on Monday (12th). (Photo: Liu Weijie)

    Chen Yuezhu (left) welcomes the private hospital becoming a COVID-19 vaccination center. (Photo: Liu Weijie)

    Lucri Arsha, medical director of KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital. (Photo: Liu Weijie)


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