• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    Room and Board

    Woman & Baby Centre

    Daily Room Rates

    Premier VIP850.00
    Premier Single Deluxe 2390.00
    Premier Single Deluxe 1350.00
    Premier Single Deluxe290.00
    Premier Single Standard250.00
    Double Room120.00
    Four Bedded (Maternity)100.00
    Nursery (Special Care)105.00
    Nursery (Newborn)70.00
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)145.00

    Items required for hospitalisation:

    For Baby

    • 6 sets of mittens, booties and baby clothes
    • 6 wrapping blankets
    • 6 bath towels
    • Small face towels
    • *Diapers will be provided by the hospital

    For Mothers

    • Maternity Bra
    • Night Gowns
    • Slippers

    Deposit Under Admission

    Normal delivery RM 5,000
    Caesarean RM 10,000

    Normal Ward

    Premier VIP850.00
    Premier Single Deluxe 2390.00
    Premier Single Deluxe 1350.00
    Premier Single Deluxe290.00
    Premier Single Standard250.00
    Single Room205.00
    2 Bedded120.00
    4 Bedded100.00
    Nursery (Newborn)70.00
    Nursery (Admission)70.00
    Special Care Nursery110.00
    Nursery Isolation75.00
    ICU/CCU (In Room)185.00
    High Dependency Unit (In Room)165.00
    High Dependency Unit150.00
    Isolation Bed165.00
    Day Care100.00

    1. Daily room rate is inclusive of meals (board). For 'Day case', only one (1) meal is served.

    2. Meals (board) served daily during hospitalization are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

    3. All rooms are inclusive of air conditioning unless otherwise indicated.

    4. All rooms are inclusive of an attached bathroom.

    5. Please be advised that the room rates may be subject to change without prior notice.


    A normal single use dialysis will cost RM 230.00 per treatment while visiting and billing patients will be charged RM 280.00.

    Foreign patients will be charged RM430.00 per treatment.

    After normal hours, there will be a surcharge of RM 150.00 – RM 200.00 levied per treatment.


    Charge are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

    Rates are subject to revision without notice.


    During your stay with us, it is advisable not to bring or keep valuables. You are advised to send your valuables home with a family member. If that is not immediately possible, valuables may be kept temporarily in the hospital safe until someone can take them home for you. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of valuables such as cash, jewelry, mobile phone, or damage to your personal items while in our premises.


    This facility is only available in single rooms. To call for internal services, please refer to the hospital telephone directory for extension numbers or press “0” for operator’s assistance. To make external calls, please press "0" for operator’s assistance. Charges for your external calls will be reflected in your hospital bill. Public telephones are available at the ground floor, near to the A&E service. Hand (Mobile) phones are not permitted within the hospital premises as they may interfere with the high frequency electronic equipment used.


    Each patient room is equipped with a television. If you encounter a problem with the television, please contact our Maintenance & Engineering Service at ext. 601 or 137.


    A choice of one complimentary newspaper is provided to all single room occupants.