• Patient Care

    Admission & Discharge

    Before and After Your Hospital Stay

    Preparing your hospital admission
    You will be referred for admission registration at Admission Counter, Main Lobby during office hours (8:00am to 6:00pm).
    Admission after office hours, during weekends and on Public Holidays will be at the 24 hours Accident & Emergency Department.
    Patients who are scheduled for surgery are advised to be admitted a day prior to the surgery. The hospital does not guarantee availability of rooms if patients were to admit on the day of surgery.

    Things to bring upon admission :

    1. Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate
    2. Letter of Guarantee/ Health Cards

    Personal items such as clothing, slippers and toiletries etc.

    Labour patients, please bring one set of baby clothes for your newborn.

    Discharge Services

    You will be discharged upon your consultant's advice. Your final bill will be processed as soon as we receive the discharge order from your consultant.

    For personal case (cash payer), your bill will be ready approximately one hour from the discharge time ordered by your doctor

    If you are under hospitalization insurance, the entire verification and bill processes may take approximately five hours depending on the confirmation from the insurers. You will be informed when your bill is ready. You may be asked to pay subsistence fee, if applicable at the time of your discharge. If there are items found to be broken or missing upon your discharge, they will be charged to your bill accordingly.

    Check out time is 12.00pm.
    Discharges from 3.00pm - 6.00pm, an additional half day room charge will be incurred.
    Discharges after 6.00pm will be charged as a full day's rate.
    Take home medication & follow up appointment
    Medication will be given to you in the ward before you leave.
    Your follow up appointment with the consultant will also be made prior to your discharge.

      Late Charges

      Generally, the bill prescribed at discharge will be the final bill. Occasionally however, late charges for items used on the day of discharge may not be included. If this is the case, the hospital will post a final bill indicating the balance on the account.

      Refund of Excess Deposit

      Amounts received in excess of the total bill will be refunded depending on the initial payment mode. Refunds made via credit cards will be settled within 7 working days. However, cash refunds amounting to more than RM500 will be done via online transfer within 14 working days.

      Update of Hospital Bill and Insurance Claims

      If you have a long stay in the hospital, we will update you or your family on your hospital bill’s status periodically. If you are under GL or insurance scheme, our staff will file claims for you with your healthcare insurers or other programs. If you have queries on insurance claims, please contact our Admin Credit Service at 03-8769 2834/8019, office hours only or Billing Unit ext. 03-8769 8019 / 8025 (Inpatient) 2838 (Outpatient).