Antenatal Class 2020

Antenatal Class 2020

Antenatal classes (sometimes called Parentcraft classes) can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and give you confidence and information.

You can learn how to:
  • - look after and feed your baby
  • - stay healthy during pregnancy
  • - make a birth plan, considering the different arrangements for labour and birth and the choices available to you
- You may also meet some of the people who will look after you during labour and after the birth. You'll be able to discuss your plans and any worries with professionals and other parents.

When to have antenatal classes

You might be able to attend introductory classes on baby care early in pregnancy, but most antenatal classes start around 8-10 weeks before your baby is due, when you are around 30-32 weeks pregnant.

The kinds of topics covered by antenatal classes are:

- Nutrition During Pregnancy
- Hearing & Speech Development
- Pregnancy & Labor
- Newborn Screening & Vaccination
- Pain Relief & Epidural
- Exercise Pre & Post
- Breastfeeding Awareness
- Care of Newborn
- Postnatal Care

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