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    CSR: Tekala River Selangor Cleaning by the Nurses Team

    03:22PM, 11 May, 2023

    International Nurses Day is just around the corner, and our nurses have already begun the celebration! 

    A team of our nurses decided to roll up their sleeves and give back to nature through their sustainability effort by cleaning the Tekala River Selangor yesterday. They removed about four garbage bags full of rubbish from the river. 

    Interesting fact

    Selangor contributes the highest amount of scheduled waste (27.8%) compared to other states in Malaysia (Department of Statistics Malaysia’s (DoSM)). To minimise the pollution of rivers and the resulting health hazards, any litter, no matter how small, should be placed in the bin and disposed of properly. After all, it is our responsibility to protect and improve our environment. 

    Well Done Nurses of KPJ Kajang!

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