Mom & Baby Care Centre

About Mom & Baby Care Centre

Carrying a child for nine months and then welcoming the newborn into the world is an immensely joyous occasion. However, this cause for celebration is also a significant transitional period for both the mother and baby. In medical terms, the postnatal phase or postpartum period generally refers to the time immediately after the birth of a child and extends for about six weeks. During this period, the mother’s body undergoes changes as hormone levels and uterus size returns to non-pregnant state. To make this transition a smooth one, proper postnatal care for mother and child is of the utmost importance.

In KPJ Mom & Baby Centre (Confinement Centre) offer a complete range of support care service to meet the needs of each mother and baby in the comfort and privacy . We have a team of professional, caring and companionate nurses to provide the treatment and care for mothers and also babies. Our confinement centre team here gives you a peace of mind during confinement.

Our Service that we provide for confinement are:

Our Service
  • Baby care package
  • Mother care package
  • Laundry service
  • Stay in for daddy
  • Magnetic door
  • Healthy menu by our Dietitian
  • Health education by trained midwife & confinement lady
  • Breast feeding consultation
  • 24 hours security system with CCTV & security access

Mother care package
  • Herbs bath
  • Body scrub & Sauna
  • Confinement massage
  • Hot compress (bertungku)
  • Calming (pilis), Firming (tapel), Warming (param)

Baby care package
  • Baby bath
  • Baby massage
  • Umbilical cord care