About Us

Our hospital, with our dedicated team of consultants and staff providesthe very best of
comprehensive medical care for you well-being and treatment, making this a place of healing and comfort for you.

Word of Assurance

KPJ Kuantan Care & Wellness Centre is a subsidiary of KPJ Healthcare Berhad. The centre strategically located in the residential area of Alor Akar. Formerly known as KPJ Kuantan Specialist Hospital, the building have been operating as hospital for the past 30 years.

KPJ Kuantan Care & Wellness Centre (KCWC) is a wellness centre which offers a centralize facilities and services for health conscious customers. Presently offering a new DIALYSIS facilities to patients which are more spacious and equipped with maximum of 23 dialysis bays.

Moreover, KCWC also offers an assisted living care centre (MY KPJ HOME) especially for elderly and patients who requires assistance in their daily life routine. The residence are all taken care by a qualified nurse and this will allows the family members to have a peace of mind not to worries on their loved ones.

Apart from that, MOM & BABY CARE CENTRE provides a comfortable place for mothers during their confinement period. Mothers will be able to rest and focus on their recovery process and not worrying on the baby as everything are well taken care of by a qualified midwife and nurses.

KCWC also involve in beauty product such as KPJ SWEATSPA which provides infrared sauna facilities to the customers. KPJ SWEATSPA customer can relax and sweat to burn calories at the same time while improving their health. Looking forwards, KCWC will soon provide hyperbaric services that will be the 1st private hyperbaric centre in the East Coast Region.

Furthermore, KCWC are also seeking opportunity in venturing on dental and aesthetic services. As a one stop centre, it gives convenient to customers and patients whom seeking healthy and beauty product and services at the same place. This new business model is the first in KPJ group that will set the trend towards a healthy lifestyle. While KPJ are heavily involve in healthcare industry, this newly setup wellness centre compliments all the services that provided by KPJ Hospitals. It gives several of choices and options for customers and patients from all categories, healthy to a patients who seeks treatment.