• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible. Our team is committed in providing exceptional care and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    Admission & Discharge

    Before and After Your Hospital Stay

    Hospital Admission Preparation

    ☛ You will be referred for the admission procedure at the Admission Counter, 2nd Floor during office hours (8:30am to 5:00pm).

    ☛ All admissions after office hours, during weekends and on Public Holidays will be done at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services.

    What to Bring

    ✔ Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate

    ✔ Letter of Guarantee / Medical Health Cards

    ✔ Change of clothes, slippers, toiletries, etc.

    ✔ One set of baby clothes for your newborn (for maternity cases only).

    Our front-line staff will assist you with your inpatient admission processing, including the completion of any necessary forms and the confirmation of payment arrangements. Our objective is to ensure a smooth and quick admission to our facility and access to our Consultants.

    Discharge Procedure

    ☛ You will be discharged upon your Consultant's advice.

    ☛ Your final bill will be processed as soon as we received the discharge order from your Consultant.

    ☛ You will be informed when your bill is ready.

    ☛ The staff in the ward will present you with your outpatient appointment card.

    ☛ Take home medication will be dispensed to you before you leave the hospital.

      Late Charges

    Generally, the bill prescribed during the discharge will be the final bill. Occasionally however, late charges for items used on the day of the discharge may not be included. If this is the case, the hospital will post a final bill indicating the balance on the account.

      Refund of Excess Deposit

      Amounts received in excess of the total bill will be refunded depending on the initial mode of payment, i.e. cash or credit card. You are required to bring the original receipt of the deposit payment and the same credit card during the refund process.

      Update of Hospital Bill and Insurance Claims

      If you have a long stay in the hospital, our Credit Control personnel will update you or your family on the hospital bill's status periodically. If you are under company Guarantee Letter (GL) or Insurance scheme, our staff will file claims for you with your healthcare insurers or other medical programs. Should you have queries on insurance claims, kindly contact our Business Office at +604-730 8878 ext. 8003 / 8004.