• Facilities & Services

    KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital’s Accident & Emergency (A&E) serves 24 hour emergency medical and surgical care to arriving patients in need of immediate care. We specialise in managing all critically ill patients and are dedicated in treating all walk in patients of urgent need with or without Referral. Our unit is installed with emergency care equipment with the support of Competent and ACLS trained Clinicians and Healthcare providers.

    Important situations where urgent medical attention is required:

        • An environment where a patient is deprived of safety for conducive assessment
        • A patient experiencing a life-threatening condition which may worsen with movement
        • A condition which might appear not serious but requires immediate attention and further investigation
    Check list to bring along when visiting A&E.`

    24-Hours Accident & Emergency Department
    Location: Level 1, Ground Floor

    Save these essential emergency numbers,
    1. Accident & Emergency : (603) 33777999
    2. Ambulance Line : (603) 33777999
    3. Tele-operator : (603) 33777888

    24 hours Ambulance Services
    1. MSQH / IMS accredited 24 Hours quality Ambulance Services
    2. Qualified and competent Paramedic and Healthcare Providers
    3. Equipped with Advance Emergency care equipment.
    4. Inter hospital transfer services (Klang Valley)

    ● We are operating 24 hours daily.