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    Keeping your health in check is vital as illness can affect anyone regardless of age or time when one least expect it. Changes in bowel habit, constant tiredness, and sudden weight loss are among the many other warning signs your body expresses itself. Listening to your body and taking steps to understand your body with necessary health screening might be useful.

    Our Health Screening provides extensive preventive healthcare services and facilities in an environment focused on safety, timely, comfort and convenience to accommodate our local patients and health tourists. We believe that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, putting prevention into practice is important.

    Counselling is provided during the initial assessment to guide you towards wellness. Our Health Screening Doctor and dedicated professionals will handle your preventive healthcare requirements confidentially.

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    There are a wide range of packages offered by our services to suit different individual’s lifestyle, life stages, family and medical history.
    Among the few services available at our Health Screening Centre include:

    a) Thorough physical examinations

    b) Body Composition Index

    c) Lung Function Test

    d) Hearing Test

    e) Eye Examination

    f) Cardiac Assessments ( stress test & ECG )

    g) Thin Prep Pelvic Examination

    h) Patient history assessments

    i) Laboratory testing, including tumour markers.

    j) Comprehensive imaging services:

      • Mammography
      • Ultrasonography
      • Chest X-ray

    k) Vaccinations

    Making an appointment

    The appointment can be arranged directly through Health Screening Services by:
    1. Online Appointment through our list of Screening Packages
    2. Telephone Appointment at 03 33777826
    3. Or you may walk in to our centre

    Appointment preparation

    Please prepare any of the following items that may pertain to you:
    1. Valid Guarantee Letter (GL) from approved company (if any / cover by company)
    2. NRIC or Birth Certificate for Malaysian Citizens under the age of 12
    3. Passports for all foreigners
    4. Appropriate exercise attire and footwear (for patients undergoing stress test)

    Screening Process

    Registration is done at our Health Screening Services. Your body’s vital signs will be assessed, followed by blood investigation and urine test. Upon investigation, a physical examination is performed. Finally, consultation and review will be conducted by our Doctor and Dietitian. Our Clinicians will help understand your results as well as answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You will receive a personalized medical report within 7 days.

    Pre-screening advice – Do & Don’ts

    1. Fast from midnight on the day before your screening appointment to ensure the accuracy of blood test for glucose and cholesterol profile.
    2. Only plain water is allowed prior to screening.
    3. Please inform the medical staff if you have any health problems such as chest pain, discomfort or tightness or have undergone any procedure such as balloon angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery.
    4. Please avoid from bringing expensive valuables with you during the screening.
    5. Light refreshment is provided once your blood has been taken by the laboratory technician and / or after completing the ultrasound abdomen examination.
    6. Do not consume alcohol 48 hours prior checkup
    7. Do not wear contact lenses; wear spectacles instead.

    Advice for Women

    1. The ideal time to have your pap smear done is between 10-12 days after your first day of last menstrual.
    2. If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please call up our Health Screening Services to reschedule your appointment. The result of your pap smear and urine test will be affected if you are menstruating.
    3. Please inform the medical staff if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant as X-Rays, bone scans and mammograms are not recommended.
    4. X-Rays are not recommended for those who has a similar X-Ray less than 6 months.

    Advice on Mammogram

    1. Avoid this examination if you are, or may be pregnant.
    2. Do not use talcum powder or deodorant before your examination.
    3. If you previously had mammogram, please bring the films for our perusal.
    4. For best mammogram results, you should arrange for the examination approximately one week after your last day of menstruation.
    5. For undressing ease and convenience, wear a 2-piece outfit (such as a blouse with a skirt or pants).

    Advice on Breast Ultrasound

    1. The test takes about 10 - 20 minutes.
    2. You will be asked to lie on a scanning couch.
    3. A special gel is smeared onto the examined area. This gel will not stain and can be wiped off easily.
    4. A probe will be moved over the area of examination. There should be no pain or discomfort.

    Advice on Ultrasound Abdomen

    1. Do not take any food at least 4 hours before the examination. Smokers are requested to refrain from smoking on the day of your appointment until after your ultrasound has been completed.
    2. This examination is to detect any lesions related to the organs in the abdomen e.g. the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.

    Advice on Ultrasound Pelvis

    1. Drink 5 - 10 cups of water, as a full bladder is necessary and do not empty your bladder until after your ultrasound has been completed.
    2. This examination detects any lesions related to the uterus, ovaries, bladder and presence of any pelvic mass for female and to detect enlarged prostate gland for male patients.

    Advice on Stress Test (Treadmill Exercise Test)

    1. This procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour, excluding waiting time. Do avoid heavy meals before the test.
    2. Bring along appropriate exercise attire and footwear.
    3. Please inform the doctor if you are on heart medication.
    4. Please inform the medical staff if there is any chest pain or discomfort before starting the test. Appointment can be rescheduled.

    Advice on HIV Test

    Please note that the HIV test will not be performed as a routine screening procedure unless specifically requested. You are required to sign a consent form if you wish to be screened for HIV.

    Monday – Friday
    8.30am – 5.00pm

    8.30am – 12.30pm

    Sunday & Public Holiday

    Health Screening Services

    Location: Health Screening Centre - Level 2
    Telephone: 03-3377 7826