• Facilities & Services

    At Lablink everyone of us from both the technical and administrative sections work in harmony in pursuing and meeting QUALITY STANDARDS in laboratory practice. We shall meet the needs and expectations of the medical practitioners who are our direct clients and in doing so our service will provide maximum benefits and satisfaction to the patients.

    We take every opportunity given to us by our client doctors to make their already complex job easier, by providing accurate laboratory results and correct interpretations along with appropriate advice in the quickest possible ‘turn around’ time. We work hard towards achieving this goal and helping our doctors to keep up with the continued advances in laboratory science. In providing prompt, cordial and cost effective service, patients' welfare is uppermost on the mind of our staff.

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    The laboratory is equipped with the current facilities providing services such as:

    ● Clinical Biochemistry
    ● Hematology
    ● Blood Transfusion Services
    ● Microbiology/Urinology
    ● Immunology
    ● Hispathology/Cytology

    Monday - Friday
    8.30am – 5.00pm

    8.30am – 12.30pm

    Sunday & Public Holiday
    Laboratory is open on Sunday/Public Holiday and after office hours.
    Overtime charges will apply on the tests done during these hours.

    Please visit our website for further information.
    Email : lablink@lablink.com.my