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    Endoscopy Screening Package (Colonoscopy)

    MYR 1,388.00

    Colonoscopy package is to detect early signs of colorectal polyps, cancer and colon inflammation.

    If you are considering a colonoscopy package, look for these simple symptoms:

    • The presence of blood in or on the stool, which may be bright red or dark in color.
    • Persistent changes in bowel movements, such as diarrhea, constipation, or noticeable changes in stool consistency.
    • Significant and unintentional weight loss without changes in diet or exercise.
    • If there is a family history of colorectal cancer or certain hereditary conditions that increase the risk.
    • Individuals with conditions like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis may need regular colonoscopies for monitoring and early detection.
    • Following age-specific screening guidelines, as colorectal cancer risk increases with age. Screening is generally recommended starting at age 45 or earlier in some cases.

    Terms and conditions apply:

    • Price and contents are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Valid for cash paying patients only.
    • Additional charges will be imposed after office hours.

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