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    Premium Woman (Health Screening Package by Specialist)

    MYR 1,350.00

    Test include:
    Physical Examination by Physician
    Lablink Executive Profile
    ·         Blood Group
    ·         Full Blood Count
    ·         ESR
    ·         Blood Film Morphology Comment
    ·         Glucose
    ·         Renal Profile
    ·         Lipid Profile
    ·         Liver Profile
    ·         Thyroid Function Screen (TSH)
    ·         Hepatitis B Screen
    ·         Hepatitis A Antibody
    ·         HAVAB
    ·         Antibody to HIV1 / HIV2 (AIDS)
    ·         Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor Test (RA)
    ·         Sexually Transmitted Diseases (VDRL)
    ·         Urine Feme
    Female Cancer Marker Screening 
    ·         AFP
    ·         CEA
    ·         CA125
    ·         CA19-9

    Chest X-Ray
    Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis
    Resting Electrocardiograms (ECG) 
    Stress Test 
    Lung Function Test 
    Mammogram or Ultrasound Breast 
    Pap Smear Test  
    Pure Tone Audiometry  
    Body Composition 
    Clinical Nutritional Assessment (Dietitian) 
    Optional Tests (Add On): 

    ·         ECG : RM50
    ·         Stress Test : RM200
    ·         Pap Smear : RM190
    ·         Mammogram: RM120
    ·         Usg Breast: RM120
    ·         HbA1c: RM40

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