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Our hospital network now has 19 locations throughout Malaysia. Use the drop down menu below to find a location closest to you. If you are looking for a specific type of care, select a hospital and browse through the services offered.

Admission & Discharge




Patients who are scheduled for surgeries are advised to come at the time and date given by the doctors. Failure to do so may result in your operation being delayed or postponed. If you are unable to come, please inform your doctor as soon as possible.


The deposit amount varies depending on the type of treatment. Deposit can be made in cash, bank draft or credit card. The hospital accepts guarantee letters issued by companies that have Credit facilities with the hospital. If the guarantee letter is not presented at time of admission, the patient is required to pay a deposit which is refundable at discharge if accompanied with a valid guarantee letter. The letter of guarantee must be presented within 24 hours of admission; Otherwise the patient will be required to settle the bills by cash or credit card.

Please note that additional deposit will be required when your expenses exceed the initial deposit paid or the limit specified in the guarantee letter.
If your admission deposit is guaranteed by an open credit card, the Billing Clerk will request for an additional deposit to settle top-up line of credit, card will inform the card holder accordingly.


Patients are advised against bringing and keeping valuables with them whenever in the hospital. If you do have valuables with you, give them to your relatives or please check with the nurses in the ward for details. The hospital, however, shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to your property while in our premises.


Discharge after 2:00pm will be levied with an extra 1/2 day room charge. Kindly allow 2 hours to process your discharge bill.

Should you need to leave the hospital before the bill is ready, kindly inform your nurse to make the necessary arrangements. You will be required to settle an estimated amount. Any excess payment made based on the estimated bill will be refunded to you within 21 days and for those who still have an outstanding balance, we would appreciate your prompt payment.


Amount received in excess of the total bill will be refunded within 21 days of discharges. The refund will either in cash, cheque or credit card depending on the initial payment mode. Should you have any question regarding your account please call our Cashier / Billing service at 09 – 5678588.


General ward : 10:00 AM – 2.30 PM & 5.30 PM – 10:00 PM

  • Children below 12 years are NOT allowed after visiting hours.

  • Adult visitors will require a pass after 10.00PM to visit exceptional cases. Please check with the nurse in the ward for details.

  • For over night stay, condition apply and a pass is required. Please check with your nurse.

Critical Care Areas (ICU, CCU and HDU): 10:00AM – 12.00 NOON & 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

  • Children will NOT be allowed in critical care areas at any timeof the day.

  • Adult visitors require pass after visiting hours.Please check with your nurse.

We allow children to visit patients during visiting hours. However, if children visit, we need your cooperation to ensure that they be restrained from running around or making any undue noise in the wards and patient rooms.

Hand phoned are NOT allowed to be used by visitors in the wards. Adult and children are requested to maintain quietness in the wards.