• Accident & Emergency

    At Accident & Emergency (A&E), we are specialized in managing all critically ill and emergency cases. A&E provides outpatient treatment for all walk-in patient who requires urgent care. A&E is fully equipped with emergency equipment with the support of competent and clinically trained healthcare providers.

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    Our A&E facilitated with:
    • One(1) resuscitation bay
    • Three (3) treatment bay
    • Four (4) observation bay
    • Waiting area with 1 consultation room

    Scope of Service

    • 24 hours A&E Services in various discipline
    • Admission services
    • 24 hours ambulance service
    • Point of referral to Specialists/ Consultants

      Home Nursing Care

      This service is available to patients who have been recently discharged for personalized care in the comfort of their home. We help you to manage your recovery and also provide care for mother and babies. For further information, please call 082-365 777.


      Emergency: 082 - 365 030
      Ambulance Service: 082 - 365030
      Operating Hours: 24 hours