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    Dr. Goh Kiang Hua

    General Surgery

    KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital

    Location: Consultant Suite 8 (Level 3)
    Type: Resident Doctor
    Tel: (082) 365 777 ext 344
    Dr. Goh Kiang Hua studied at University of Malaya and obtained his MBBS in May 1981.During his MBBS programme, he was awarded Distinction in Physiology (Year 1) and Distinction in Pathology (Year 2). He obtained his FRCS (Edinburgh) in 1987 from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.He was awarded the Howard Eddy Medal for gaining the highest marks of all candidates in South East Asia for the Part I FRACS Examination.
    Prior to his current appointment at Kuching Specialist Hospital, he served as the Consultant Surgeon at Miri General Hospital from August 1989 till March 1990.He was subsequently transferred to Sarawak General Hospital as Consultant Surgeon and subsequently Head of the Department of Surgery from April 1990 until August 1993.On 1st September 1993, Dr. Goh Kiang Hua left for private practice at Normah Medical Specialist Centre.He joined Kuching Specialist Hospital on 16th February 2008. He was attached to National Cancer Centre, Singapore from 14th April 2008 to 13th May 2008

    Education & Fellowship

    •Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)
    •Society of Private medical Practitioner, Sarawak
    •Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
    •Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

    Specialty Interests

    – Colonoscopy
    * Axillary Dissection
    * Excision of lumps
    * Hookwire localization biopsy
    * Mastectomy
    * Microdochectomy – surgical excision of a lactiferous duct / a duct that is producing a nipple discharge
    * Toilet mastectomy requiring chest wall reconstruction
    * Wide local excision / lumpectomy for a suspicious breast lump / breast cancer
    – Colorectal Surgery
    – Thyroid or parathyroid surgery
    – Hemithyroidectomy
    – Parathyroidectomy
    – Sub total thyroidectomy
    – Thyroglossal cyst
    – Total Thyroidectomy
    – Endoscopy: Upper and Lower Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)
    – Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
    – Anterior Resection
    – Closure of colostomy/ ileostomy
    – Complex Fistula in Ano
    – Laparotomy and colostomy
    – Laparotomy for Acute Abdomen
    – Laparotomy for intra-abdominal injury
    – Laparotomy for large obstruction, resection anastomosis of large gut
    – Laparotomy for Perforated peptic ulcer
    – Laparotomy for small gut obstruction, small resection anastomosis
    – Laparotomy under running bleeding peptic ulcers
    – Repair diaphragmatic hernia
    – Total gastrectomy
    – Gastric Surgery for malignancy with adequate lymphadenectomy and benign disease
    – Esophageal surgery for benign and malignant disease
    – Repair of inguinal/ femoral/ incisional/ paraumbilical hernias etc.
    – Bile Duct Exploration T – tube Drainage
    – Bile Duct Repair
    – Biliary Bypass
    – Biliary Intubation
    – Biliary Reconstruction


    Malay, English