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    Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

    What is Haemodialysis?

    Haemodialysis or HD as it often abbreviated, is a treatment that removes the waste products and the excess fluid that accumulate in your blood and body tissues as a result of kidney failure. Large quantities can be removed relatively quickly during an HD treatment. Because of this, haemodialysis is used as an intermittent therapy and the most common way to treat the patient is 3 times a week, for 4 hours each session.

    How does Haemodialysis work?

    The cleaning of the blood takes place outside the body via an “artificial kidney”, also called a dialyzer. Blood is pumped via a plastic line to the dialyzer and returned to the body. The process was monitored and controlled by a dialysis machine. For Haemodialysis treatment to take place, it need to have an access to the blood stream. This can be achieved by creating a fistula which was done surgically by making a connection between an artery and vein. If necessary or in an emergency case, temporary access can be created by inserting a catheter into a deep lying vein, for example at the groin or neck. Sometimes, this catheter can be serve as a permanent access point.

    How often is Haemodialysis done?

    Hemodialysis is generally done three times a week for 4 hours per session. Your doctor will prescribe how long your treatments will be, but most common is 4 hours. Talk to your doctor about how long you should be on hemodialysis. Healthy kidneys work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dialysis must do the job in only 12 or so hours a week.

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