• Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

    Physiotherapists help restore movement and function when the patient is affected by injury, illness or disability and here at the KPJ Kuching specialist hospital the rehabilitation provided is based on each patient’s individual needs. We believe and encourage the maintenance of good health for people of all ages and help patients to manage their pain and prevent disease through education, awareness, empowerment and active participation in their treatment.

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    Our team physiotherapist will review the medical and social history of the patient before conducting a thorough assessment to identify the patient's potential and existing problems. This serves as a baseline for designing individualized treatment plans which may include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and use of electro-physical modalities for assertive devices to optimize recovery.

    Outpatient Services

    Geriatric Care
    Neurological rehabilitation
    Pre & post-operative rehabilitation
    Back & neck care
    Rehabilitation of sport injuries
    Antenatal & postnatal care

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    Inpatient Services

    Respiratory physiotherapy management
    Pre and post-op physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy to non-operative cases such as musculoskeletal, Neurological, cardiovascular, etc. disorder.

    Operating Hours

    Monday - Friday, 8.30am until 5.00pm
    Saturday, 8.30am until 12.30pm
    Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

    Contact & Inquiries

    Tel: 082 - 365 777 ext 816/817