• Fertility Packages

    These packages are carefully and delicately custom-made to suit your different lifestyles, age ranges, and unique needs. Our health assessment packages help to promote and maintain your health and well-being. With a caring and exclusive environment, assessed by a respective professional doctor, we will ensure that treatments are done with confidence, and privacy and given personalized attention. Here's to a healthier you.


    IUI is a process that puts healthy sperm directly into the uterus.  IUI treatment is designed to help a higher number of better-quality sperm reach the womb, increasing the chances of fertilisation. 

    IUI treatment is different from other forms of IVF.  It's less invasive and complex - it simply means putting prepared sperm directly into the uterus.

    MYR 1,200
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    BIRTH CONTROL (Implant Method)

    The type of birth control (contraception) in our package is the implant method; which is one of the most effective reversible contraceptive methods available.  

    Different methods of birth control may suit you at different times in your life. Kindly refer to our Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic for further information!

    MYR 656
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