• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible.<br> Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    Visitor's Info

    In our continuing effort to provide quality care and being a Planetree hospital, KPJ BMSH has adopted a flexible visitation policy throughout the facility. We welcome your families, friends, and loved ones to visit you during your stay in the hospital. However, for safety reasons, access to the hospital may also be limited during certain hours. Please kindly ask your visitors to observe and adhere to the following visiting hours and regulations:

    Visiting Hours for General Ward & Maternity Ward

    11:30am – 2:00pm
    4:30pm – 9:00pm

    No visitors are allowed after 9:00pm. We encourage visitors to be mindful of patient’s need for proper rest.  Kindly refer to the 'Visitation Guidelines/Policies'.

    Intensive Care Unit (ICU) & Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

    11:30am – 2:00pm
    4:30pm – 9:00pm

    Children 12 years and under are not permitted in both Intensive Care and Coronary Care units. Kindly refer to the 'Visitation Guidelines/Policies'.

    Security personnel and nursing staff members may restrict visiting hours at any time when it is deemed necessary to preserve the welfare of any patient. This is necessary to guarantee that our patients get uninterrupted rest.

    COVID-19: Visitation Guidelines & Policies - Effective December 12, 2021

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    Security Access Door

    All entrance to the wards is secured via a Security Access Doors. Kindly press the bell when you wish to enter the ward.


    Our hospital observes a strict "NO SMOKING" code of practice within its premises following the Ministry of Health regulations.

    Overnight Stay

    As one of our infection control measures, we do not encourage family members staying overnight with patient unless patient is very ill. Immediate family members who wish to stay overnight may request for a lodger bed to be placed in the patient's room. However, this facility is available only in Single Rooms and is chargeable upon request. Please inquire the staff nurse on duty should you need assistance.

    All companions/caregivers are compulsory to undergo COVID-19 screening (RTK Ag) prior to entering hospital wards.

    Other Services

    To ensure convenience during your stay and visit at our hospital, we have provided you these services and facilities

    Dining; Mesra Cafe

    Convenience Shop: 7-Eleven


    Surau / Muslim Prayer Room

    Interpreter Service

    ATM machine: RHB

    Calling Taxi / E-hailing Operator