• Accident and Emergency

    We are committed to serving our patients with compassion and high quality care, offering a comprehensive range of medical services, which include world-class facilities and advanced medical technologies.

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    At Accident & Emergency (A&E), we are specialized in managing all critically ill and emergency cases. A&E provides outpatient treatment for all walk-in patient who requires urgent care. A&E is fully equipped with emergency equipment with the support of competent and clinically trained healthcare providers.


    • One Red Zone Area (critical) comprises of one emergency bed fully equipped with acute resuscitation & management equipment.

    • Three Yellow Zone Areas (semi-critical)

    • Waiting area (Green Zone) with 1 consultation room

    • 24 hours ambulance services

    • Decontamination Shower Room – For Burns and Trauma cases

    Scope of Service:

    • 24 hours A&E Services in various discipline
    • Admission services
    • 24 hours ambulance service
    • Point of referral to Specialists/ Consultants


    Telephone: 085- 649 999 Ext:

    112(A&E Registration Counter),

    114(A&E Counter 1),

    115 (A&E Counter 2)

    Operating Hours: 24HRS