• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    About Our Rooms


    To make your stay in the hospital comfortable, there are 4 types of rooms for you to choose ranging from VIP room, single room, single deluxe room and double bedded room. Whichever room you select comes with three complimentary main-course meals. All food served are HALAL.

    Each suite is designed with a separate sitting area, and mini kitchen. There are two separate bathrooms designed specifically for the patient room and the sitting area. he suite is furnished with the following: Electrical bed, bedside table, 40’’ TV, Wardrobe, Telephone, Sofa, Kitchen facilities (Microwave / Refrigerator)

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    The single rooms are ideal for the patients who prefers privacy when hospitalized. The single room are designed with an attached bathroom and are furnished with an electrical bed, wardrobe, patient locker , 32’ TV, telephone and visitor’s chair.

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    The single deluxe rooms are ideal for the patients who prefers private and spacious room when hospitalized. Single deluxe rooms are designed with attached bathroom and furnished with an electrical bed, patient locker, wardrobe, 32” TV, telephone, visitor’s chair and a sofa for the comfort of visitors.

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    The two-bedded rooms are ideal for those who prefer to not be alone when hospitalized. The room is furnished with 32’ TV, telephone, patient locker, visitor chair for each patients and has an attached bathroom to be shared between the patients.

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    Room Rates

    Single Room200.00
    Single Standard Room250.00
    2-Bedded Room120.00
    Executive Suite400.00
    Isolation Room250.00
    Labour Room100.00

    Patient pantry and water dispenser are available to accommodate to patient’s need.