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With its hospitals lacking facilities, Nigeria is keen for renowned Malaysian medical group, KPJ Healthcare Bhd


With its hospitals lacking facilities, Nigeria is keen for renowned Malaysian medical group, KPJ Healthcare Bhd to partner hospitals in the African country and improve medical facilities so that they can achieve world class.
Nigeria's Special Assistant Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Development Muhammad Baba Kachalla said there was at least one public hospital in each of the 36 states in the country.
"In Nigeria, there are federal and state level hospitals run by the government, but almost all of these hospitals have poor hospital facilities.
"So, I'm asking KPJ if they are interested to come to Nigeria and partner our state governments to help the hospitals reach world standards," he told Bernama in an interview today.
He said, if the medical group interested was interested, they would facilitate a meeting with various state governments to discuss on the proposal.
In response to the request, KPJ's Group General Manager, Business Development (International) and Marketing, Aminuddin Dawam said the company may consider the joint venture proposal.
"They have offered to KPJ to move in the country, and we are open about it," he said.
He said that KPJ also received a proposal from a private hospital called, Giwa Hospital in Kaduna, Nigeria to serve and manage the hospital.
"And that (Giwa Hospital) may interest us more because its a running hospital (and private) compared to managing a public hospital in which KPJ has no expertise. But, we are willing to look at it," he explained.
Aminuddin said the company may take about three to six months to study before making a decision, either to move into the country or not.
On the group's expansion plan, he said the group was keen to strengthen its presence in Saudi Arabia through a joint venture.
Currently, it manages two hospitals in Jeddah.
He disclosed that KPJ will sign a partnership deal with another local party in the country in the near term.
"Our base in Malaysia is already strong, and now we are looking to creating our base in Saudi Arabia. So, it would be easy for us to expand our services in the Middle East," he added.
With a total of 19 hospitals throughout Malaysia, KPJ Healthcare plans to have at least one new hospital a year in the country.
"We are zooming a few areas and we are already talking with some interested parties. It can be a take over or a green field project."
Aminuddin said the company has also received offers from Myanmar and Thailand, but because of the political situation there, KPJ was still monitoring the countries closely.
KPJ also has three hospitals in Indonesia and one in Dhaka, Bangladesh.