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Health tourism is a much talked-about topic in Malaysia. Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai is also supporting health tourism to boost the nation's economic growth. One of the popular procedures health travelers seek is plastic surgery which has long been popular in the west, but is now becoming a worldwide trend. Offering affordable medical fees, qualified surgeons and internationally recognised hospitals, Malaysia is fast becoming a global competitor.
KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, part of the KPJ Healthcare Group, is one of the private hospitals in the country to perform plastic surgery in line with the promotion of health tourism. The accredited hospital sits right in the hub of Ampang, within close proximity of foreign embassies and international schools.
With more than 25 years of health care experience, KPJ hospitals pride themselves in setting world-class benchmarks and excellent standards. At KPJ Ampang Puteri, be rest assured that you will be well taken care of by highly qualified, skilled doctors with international recognition.

Dato' Dr. Abdul Jalil Jidon

This month, we interviewed Dato' Dr. Abdul Jalil Jidon, Principal Resident Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at KPJ Ampang Puteri. A highly-regarded plastic surgeon in Malaysia, Dato' Dr. Jalil has over 20 years of experience in the industry.
Dato' Dr. Jalil is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgeons (MAPACS). He has performed surgeries on the face and body - face-lift; eye-lift; breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction; liposuction and abdominoplasty; as well as other complicated reconstructive cases.

More than skin deep

Dato' Dr. Jalil decided to become a plastic surgeon after his medical training where he was exposed to plastic surgery. "I think with this type of surgery, having an interest is not enough, you've got to have a little bit of imagination and creativity," he smiles. He also noticed that the perception towards the procedure in Malaysia is positively changing. In the earlier days, people are not willing to expose themselves but during the 90's there was a shift and plastic surgery has become more acceptable. Although some may still see it as vanity, for some it is a necessity.
The global perception on plastic surgery has changed. More people do it to boost self confidence," he says. "Personally, the choice to undergo this procedure has to come from the individual. We're not trying to change someone, merely to improve on what they already have. It's surgery within limits."
He explains "Patients are advised on the surgery they want and the limitations to what we can and will not do. We want a safe, successful operation. I have seen an influx of health tourists to our country because of the affordable rates and the good standards offered. We do not compromise on safety at any time."
Dato' Dr. Jalil receives local, as well as overseas patients from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Indonesia to name a few.

Staff KPJ Healthcare

"I perform up to four surgeries a week. The popular procedures include facelifts, nose jobs, breast augmentations, lips, and body contouring," reveals Dato' Dr. Jalil. Eighty per cent of the patients are females. Younger women tend to have surgery done on their breasts, nose, eyelids as well as Botox injections. Women over 40 tend to opt for body contouring, breast lifts and tummy tucks.

"The cost of living here is still reasonably low and procedures are cheaper than in neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Thailand. We are talking about only RM15, 000 to RM20, 000 for a breast lift and around RMIO.OOO for a tummy tuck under general anaesthesia."
Dato' Dr. Jalil advises, "If you are interested, seek qualified surgeons and don't risk going to non-plastic surgeons to do plastic surgery, as that may invite trouble. Discuss the procedures thoroughly with your doctor and there might be tests to be done prior, depending on the procedures."
Plastic surgery here is safe and affordable, and you can have a relaxing vacation while recuperating! "I do advise patients to spend some time here. A breast augmentation patient, for example, would be required to stay in the country for at least a week. They could check in at a nearby hotel or resort for a quiet retreat and then come back for a check-up."
KPJ Healthcare offers a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as skin care and laser services delivered by experienced surgeons, who have successfully carried out delicate reconstruction procedures like skin and bone grafting, especially in severe burns and accident cases. They have successfully restored normal form and function to body parts that have been injured in accidents, diseased or suffered from congenital defects. KPJ Healthcare emphasises on the highest level of care in which procedures like abdominoplasty;    breast augmentation and reconstruction; and maxillofacial reconstructive surgeries are carried out in a sanitized environment, adhering to the strictest medical standards. For further details log on to www. kpjheaIth .com. my