KPJ Healthcare Berhad

A leader in Malaysia's challenging healthcare services industry

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KPJ's multi-pronged growth strategy

In our previous piece, we out-lined the relative resilience and steady growth prospects for the healthcare industry in the country. As the leading private healthcare provider, KPJ Healthcare (RM4.18)


ll them in the open market. This is so that the company can maintain its stake at less than 50% to keep the REIT’s assets and borrowings off balance sheet.

The company has some 79.8 million warrants outstanding. The warrants can be converted into ordinary shares at any time up to January 2015 at an exercise price of RM1.70. At the prevailing price of RM2.44, the warrants trading at a very slight 1% discount.

Assuming full conversion, KPJ’s total share capital will increase to 659.5 million shares from the current 579.8 million shares.

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