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Reducing time spent in hospitals

KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) took part in the inaugural International Conference


KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC) took part in the inaugural International Conference of Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Multidisciplinary Healthcare recently.

The twoday conference, held in Kuala Lumpur on March 14, saw experts on local and international subjects presenting their views and moderating plenary sessions on multidisciplinary healthcare.

Participants also delved into opportunities that healthcare practitioners can tap into in carrying out multidisciplinary healthcare.

The term refers to healthcare workers providing services to patients.

The strategy cuts waiting time or visits to hospitals to meet specialists.

KPJUC prochancellor and chairman Datin Paduka Siti Sa'diah Sheikh Bakir said the conference aimed at creating awareness of multidisciplinary healthcare, apart from providing opportunities for healthcare personnel to explore novel approaches in the system.

"We are also developing wellrounded future health professionals through interprofessional learning."

She said multidisciplinary healthcare was a holistic approach that gave greater attention to patients, who were regarded as the centre of the team, and that this approach had been accepted in the UK and the US.

"It is crucial that it is implemented to ensure positive and measurable outcomes. Such details are important, especially as Malaysia positions itself as an international hub for healthcare excellence.

"The healthcare sector is recognised as a high potential contributor to the national growth. In fact, it is one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) in the government's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)." Siti Sa'diah said KPJ was applying for KPJUC facilities to be included in the education sector of ETP. "This is a strategic move for us as we strive to be a fullfledged university in two years.

"As we move forward, KPJUC is targeting to champion the multidisciplinary
approach in healthcare and interprofessional learning."

She said the first move was to encourage an interprofessional learning environment, starting at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in KPJ Croups' university college and colleges.

"The interprofessionallearning approach is applicable as KPJ has 22 hospitals, with more than 900 medical consultants from a wide range of disciplines, and more than 9,000 healthcare professional to cater to almost three million patients each year.

"All this provides a fertile training ground for a collaborative approach. In addition, we can share with students about interprofessional learning using state oft heart
 technology."She said by implementing this approach,  teaching and learning would be integrated and holistic in nature, and would not be separated according to disciplines.

"We would rather start the approach at a learning level so that our graduates will be more industryefficient and open to the concept of multidisciplinary healthcare by the time they graduate.

"Implementation then comes easier in workplaces." For details, call 067942692
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