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The Star - KPJ Healthcare Bhd, one of the pioneers in the nation’s private healthcare service industry, takes its CSR initiatives seriously


KPJ Healthcare Bhd, one of the pioneers in the nation’s private healthcare service industry, takes its CSR initiatives seriously, by integrating it into the firm’s core decision-making strategy and management processes every day. This work system ensures responsible outcomes that take into due consideration the society and environment.

As a healthcare provider, KPJ does not see any difference between its business and corporate responsibility initiatives.
“Our CR activities are integrated into the purpose of our business and we don’t separate them from our overall strategies,” Datin Paduka Sa’adiah Sheikh Bakir said.

“We highlight the importance of making healthcare affordable as part of our business strategy; this includes the establishment of nine Klinik Waqaf An-Nur nationwide, where underprivileged patients regardless of race and religion have access to treatment and medication for only RM 5,” she said.

Another significant initiative undertaken includes fully sponsoring deserving patients who require surgeries. These initiatives are featured in Tijarah Ramadhan, a TV program aired during the fasting month to create awareness among people. On top of that, KPJ has also conducted countless free health screenings at various locations, all with the objective of serving the community.

It is not only the top management that takes an interest in CSR endeavours, the whole company is effectively involved. KPJ has engaged in several dialogues where CSR concerns are discussed.

The dialogue, called PEDOMAN, takes place in the beginning and middle of the year and is attended by all head of services from KPJ Group of hospitals and companies who address issues and concerns in the CSR activities that KPJ undertakes.

When it comes to safety, KPJ is unwavering in its high standards. KPJ regards safety as its highest priority.
“Safe and effective healthcare is provided via teamwork from the management and medical teams in daily operations,” Sa’adiah said.

“In this respect, the managers and medical personnel meet annually at the company’s medical conference to discuss issues relating to the hospital’s operations. This is in addition to the company’s collaboration with international and quality-assurance bodies, smart partnerships and strategic alliance with other medical bodies.

“This is to ensure that we’re updated on the latest in patient care and safety procedures. Building trust and transparency on what we do remains a priority, especially in a business like ours which has an important and integrated role in society,” she said.

Patient safety pervades the organisations structure and has been a significant factor in healthcare, which drives the healthcare provider in accurate reporting, analysing and preventing of medical errors and adverse healthcare events.
KPJ believes that the demonstrations of explicit quality to achieve patient satisfaction as well as desired health outcomes are critical for the survival of private healthcare organisations like KPJ.

Application of lessons learned from the business and industry, advancing technologies, education of providers and the public and disclosure of errors, among others, have been regularly discussed at the board level to demonstrate the importance of patient safety placement.

The importance of customer satisfaction is derived from quality delivery healthcare that have been set by the organisation with zero tolerance. Good systems in KPJ deliver safe and effective healthcare. This environment is set to minimise dissatisfied customers and where there are patients’ grievances, it can be addressed and rationalised professionally.

“We expect our initiatives to continue to be proactive in all our efforts in marketing our CSR initiatives, in order to reach to a wider range of society. We need to uphold high standards in delivering quality healthcare as well as ensuring deliverability at its best.

“We also will sustain our strategic crisis management in order to address arising issues more effectively in striving to deliver better. As a caring corporate citizen, KPJ believes that the concept of CSR and business are mutually inclusive for sustainability.

“With the objective Care for Life as our tagline, KPJ’s continuous efforts in raising our standards in delivering quality healthcare will further strengthen our strive to become a household name in the industry,” Sa’adiah said.