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    KPJ Healthcare Heightens Groupwide Employees Surveillance Testing

    01:13PM, 09 December, 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR, 9 December: KPJ Healthcare Berhad (“KPJ Healthcare” or the “Company”), Malaysia’s largest private healthcare provider, which has over 15,000 employees nationwide, is taking extra precautionary measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 at the workplace which in turn would limit disruptions to daily hospital operations by heightening its mandatory staff surveillance testing.


    With still more than 4,000 of COVID-19 cases daily and the emergence of the new Omicron variant in Malaysia, the Company has taken the proactive approach of mandatory surveillance testing at the workplace to monitor and address possible future outbreaks.


    “The private sector has a critical role to play in ramping up voluntary screenings and deploying mass COVID-19 testing is essential, if economies are to reopen,” said Ahmad Shahizam Mohd Shariff, President and Managing Director of KPJ Healthcare.


    “Businesses will need to quickly and accurately identify infections and make sure employees, contractors and suppliers are isolated in order to ensure business continuity,” added Ahmad Shahizam.


    The social and economic challenges posed by COVID-19 have emphasised the true value of recognising and mitigating material risks. As a responsible and conscientious organisation, the surveillance testing allows for early identification of individuals infected with COVID-19 who have developed an immune response, even if they were asymptomatic. This will provide necessary protection for the Company’s employees and making sure its hospitals are safe for patients to receive their treatments.


    To make it seamless, the Company provides self-test kits for its employees and subsequently they will need to upload the results unto the ‘Surveillance Test Declaration’ centralised platform for further analysis and monitoring.

    Testing for COVID -19 remains a priority around the world as governments and health centres continue to study the coronavirus pandemic. Many patients who experience mild symptoms or no symptoms at all rarely get tested, which has prompted experts to suggest there may be a high number of unreported cases. Scaling up COVID-19 tests can provide a more accurate picture of the situation, significantly more than current levels to ensure that the workplace cluster can be minimised from spreading within the communities.


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    Issued by KPJ Healthcare Berhad. For further information, please contact Juliana Jamaluddin (+6012-340 9438 /juliana.jamaluddin@kpjhealth.com.my).

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