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    Programme teaching pupils in Kuantan about healthy living

    04:48PM, 05 December, 2023

    THE pupils of SK Kampong Padang in Kuantan, Pahang, benefitted from the “Jom Hidup Sihat” programme organised by Pasdec Holdings Bhd together with KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital.

    Pasdec said in a statement that the joint visit to the school was to instil knowledge about proper healthcare from a young age.

    Various modules on healthy living were taught to the Year Four, Five and Six pupils.

    Among other things, the children learned about proper handwashing methods to ward off germs and the importance of choosing nutritious and wholesome food.

    In addition, hospital staff performed spinal and hearing examinations on selected pupils.

    The teachers and other staff members of the school all received a basic medical check-up as well.

    Headmaster Nawawi Sarupin thanked Pasdec and KPJ Pahang for organising the health awareness programme.

    Also present were Pasdec chief operating officer Shakerah Enayetali and KPJ Pahang marketing and communications head Amerul Hamidi Abdul Hamid.

    Link Article: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2023/12/05/programme-teaching-pupils-in-kuantan-about-healthy-living

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