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    Our selection of packages are carefully crafted for your active lifestyle.

    Sleep Study Package

    Terms and Conditions:

    - Cash paying only

    - For investigation only (excluded treatment)

    - The promotion is valid until 31 December 2022

    MYR 980
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    Pakej Berkhatan 2022

    Pakej termasuk:

    - Prosedure oleh doktor pakar

    ~ Dr Huzaimi Yaakob

    ~ Dr Ahmad Mardzuki Ibrahim

    - Wad Harian

    - Bius setempat/Bius Umum (harga berbeza)

    - Ubat

    MYR 879
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    OGDS + Colonoscopy

    A colonoscopy and OGDS (endoscopy) are two procedures performed frequently by gastroenterologists to view and examine various portions of your digestive tract. Colonoscopies inspect the large intestine (colon and rectum) while OGDS (endoscopies) observe the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small intestine.

    MYR 1,600
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    Pterygium Package
    Pterygium is a triangular-shape growth of fleshy tissue on the white of eye that eventually extends over the cornea. This growth may remain small or grow large enough to interfere with vision. See an eye doctor if you have any symptoms. They can diagnose the condition by looking at the front part of your eye with a special microscope called a slit lamp.
    MYR 3,300
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    Diabetic Package
    Exclusive for Diabetic Patients from all age group

    Patients with diabetes should know the right management of glucose level in blood, diet, exercise, lifestyle and medication

    Package Include:
    - Random Blood Glucose
    - Foot Assessment
    - HbA1c
    - Complimentary Diabetic Counselling

    2 sessions for every 6 months by Diabetic Educator
    MYR 112
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    Mammogram & Ultrasound Breast

    Terms and Conditions:
    - By appointment only
    - Cash outpatient only

    MYR 120
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    Maternity Package (Normal & Ceasarean)
    Terms and Conditions Apply
    - The consultant will assess patient eligibility for delivery packages
    - This packages valid at KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital only
    - This packages valid for deliver during office hour only
    MYR 3,650
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    Blood Test
    Regular blood testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being. Getting tested at routine intervals can allow you to see the way your body changes over time and empower you to make informed decisions about your health. Some blood tests can help your doctor determine how different organs in your body are working. Examples of organs whose malfunctions can be visible in a blood test include your thyroid, liver, or kidneys.
    MYR 99
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    Umrah & Hajj Vaccine Package

    Strengthen your body's immunity before you depart for the Holy Land.

    Terms and Conditions:
    - By appointment only
    - Cash outpatient only

    MYR 160
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