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    Supreme Care For Men

    MYR 1,313.00

    Package Comprises:

    v  Physical examination & Consultation by a Medical Officer with a copy of the written report

    v  Nursing procedure  (53010048)                                                                           

    o    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    o    Blood Pressure Monitoring                                              RM 80.00

    o    Vision Test (Far & Near)

    o    Color Blindness Test & Temperature Check                                   

    v  Chest X-Ray with a report                                                                                                          

    v  Ultrasound abdomen & pelvic                                                     

    v  ECG test                                                                                                                                   

    v  Stress test / Echo test by Cardiologist                                                                

    v  Laboratory Test:                                                                                                            



          -cancer marker for male (GP71L)

          -Thyroid screening (GP46A)

    Body fat analysis & Nutritional assessment by Dietitian