Merdeka Maternity 2020

During this Merdeka period, we are going to give you a peace of mind whilst you go through the #Journey2Motherhood, for all deliveries done at KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital.

The best part is we are giving away a COMPLIMENTARY Baby Car Seat to all mothers who delivered here.

This M
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Pakej Kesihatan Jantung

Pemeriksaan Kesehatan Jantung & Gratis Nginap Hotel 2H1M

Paket Pemeriksaan Meliputi

Pemeriksaaan Fizikal & Konsultasi oleh Internis

Pemeriksaan Radiologi

Pemeriksaan Jantung
- Elektrokardiogram (EKD) dengan laporan
- Stress Tes (Treadmill)

Pemeriksaan Darah & Urin (KPJ Wellness Lifestyle Program - GP54H)
- Pemeriksaan Diabetes
- Pemeriksaan Fungsi ginjal
- L
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Paket Wisata Medis

Pemeriksaan Kesehatan & Gratis Nginap Hotel 2H1M

Paket Pemeriksaan Meliputi

Laporan Hasil Pemeriksaan dibaca oleh Dokter Umum

X-Ray Dada

Elektrkardiogram (EKG) Jantung

Pemeriksaan Urin & Urin FEME Microskopik

Pemeriksaan Profil Darah (18Ks2)

Profil Hematologi (Hitungan Darah Lengkap)
- Penanda Tumor (Alpha FetoProtein-Hati / CEA-Usus Besar)
- Saringan Diabetes (Glukos
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Typhoid Vaccine

Get a Typhoid Vaccine injection at KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital with only RM80.00 per person.

Typhoid vaccine injection is very important for all food operators and factory procedure food. It is required by local authorities for restaurant license holders, chefs, night markets and others.

Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella bacteria, and is spread by the dirty and hand hygien
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Vaccine Injection Packages

KPJ Specialist Hospital Pasir Gudang provides compulsory vaccine injection packages for those seeking a to perform Umrah Pilgrims.

Read on for more details. Book your appointment with our Marketing Service at 07-257 3999 ext 5027.

Stay healthy and keep fit to perform your worship.

#KPJPGSH #KPJPasirGudang #CareForLife #KPJPGSHpackage #VaccineUmrah

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