• Patient Care

    We aim to make your hospital visit as comfortable, safe and positive as possible. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care, and ensuring your transition back home is well coordinated by our dedicated staff.

    Patient Responsibilities

    In ensuring our patients receive the best possible health care service at our hospital, we expect our patients will do their best to meet the following responsibilities during their stay at the hospital or during their visit at the clinic.
    The patient shall:

    1. Ensure that he or she knows and understands what patient's rights are and shall exercise those rights responsibly and reasonably.
    2. Provide accurate and complete information which the health professional requires about his or her health and ability to pay for health services.
    3. Inform the health professional if he or she is currently consulting with or under the care of another health professional or provider of traditional health care in connection with the same complaint or any other complaint.
    4. Keep appointments and shall inform the health professional if unable to do so.
    5. Understand his or her diagnosis, treatment and prognosis including after-discharge care. The patient shall insist upon explanations until adequately informed and consult with all relevant persons before reaching the decision.
    6. Accept all the consequences of the patient's own informed decision.
    7. Establish a stable relationship with and follow the treatment determined by the health professional primarily responsible for the patient's care.
    8. Conduct him or her so as not to interface with the well-being or rights of other patients or providers of healthcare.
    9. Observe all the rules and regulations of the hospital. Accept and comply with all preventive measures sanctioned by law.
    10. Safeguard any belongings that they have decided to keep in their possession after they have been admitted.
    11. Accountable for the payment of the services provided by the hospital as applicable.
    12. Show respect and to be courteous to doctors and hospital's staff.


    1. Organ donation service is not available at KPJ PasirGudang Specialist Hospital, however, the hospital management fully support the patient and family members who wish to donate organs and tissues for transplant or research objectives.
    2. Organ Donation Policies is kept in ICU and A & E as patient referrals. Head nurses will help patients and families who intend to donate their organs.
    3. Head nurses working in ICU / officer on duty will assist and facilitate the process of organ donation.
    4. KPJ PasirGudang Management will take the necessary steps to facilitate the process if necessary.