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    These packages are carefully and delicately custom-made to suit your different lifestyles, age range and unique needs. Our health assessment packages help to promote and maintain your health and well being. With a caring and exclusive environment, assessed by a professional Wellness Doctors, we will ensure that treatment are done with confidence, privacy and given a personalized attention. Here’s to a healthier you.


    MYR 100.00

    Affordable and reliable 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is now available at KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital.


    ABPM is a more accurate way to measure blood pressure over 24 hours and a reliable method of managing hypertension.


    An ABPM is a special blood pressure cuff attached to a small monitor that you wear for 24 hours. It measures your blood pressure every 20-30 minutes during the day and less often, usually every 60 minutes, at night.


    If you are concerned that you are experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure or having a risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease, our consultants can help to identify any underlying hypertension and make sure you're getting the treatment you need.


    Consultations can be arranged with our Resident Internal Medicine Consultants; Dr Nor Aizal Che Hamzah, Dr Che' Wan Aminud-Din Hashim, Dr Shahidi Jamaludin, and Dr Tye Yi Loon. Our ABPM is available via appointment, please Whatsapp us to book your slot - https://wa.me/60103411006.


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