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    These packages are carefully and delicately custom-made to suit your different lifestyles, age range and unique needs. Our health assessment packages help to promote and maintain your health and well being. With a caring and exclusive environment, assessed by a professional Wellness Doctors, we will ensure that treatment are done with confidence, privacy and given a personalized attention. Here’s to a healthier you.

    LSCS Package

    Expecting your new bundle of joy soon? If you are worried that your plan for normal delivery might end up in emergency caesarean, worry no more. We hear you and we understand. We are offering a new Caesarean Package with one of the lowest prices for you. A Cesarean Package in which the surgical incision is made in the lower segment of the uterus.
    MYR 8,800.00
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    Maternity Packages

    Maternity Packages for normal types of delivery with selection of 4-bedded type of room. We support mothers through all stages of pregnancy – antenatal, childbirth and post-natal. Pro-life and pro-breastfeeding, our experienced team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, lactation consultants from our Baby Friendly community and physiotherapists work together to ensure you get the best support when you need it most.
    MYR 2,888.00
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    OSH Screening Packages

    Medical examination performed by our Occupational Health Doctor with an aim of addressing questions raised by the employer. Its primary aim is to advise management regarding the employees health issue and to make recommendations on what adjustments could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for that employee. It can also be an assessment of somebodies fitness to work.
    MYR 99.00
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    Peadiatric Dietitian

    Paediatric dietitians help babies, children and teenagers to eat and drink well. They support children and their families where nutrition and special diets can be part of their treatment, including allergies, fussy eating and cancer.

    A paediatric dietitian can support your child at any age from very premature babies to teenagers.
    MYR 210.00
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    Phaco Cataract Package

    Phacoemulsification is the most common cataract surgery technique performed. Cataract surgery is used to restore vision in patients whose vision has become cloudy from cataracts, a clouding of the eye's lens.
    MYR 3,488.00
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    Pre Employment Package
    MYR 122.00
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    Pre-University Screening Packages

    Health Examination Package for Pre-College / Pre-University Students. We are advise to bring the offer letter or confirmation letter upon registration.
    MYR 99.00
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    Renal Screening Package

    Love Your Kidney is for early kidney disease screening in people who are not already known to have it. Kidney disease is common and is commonly insidious in onset. We are recommended that all individuals at increased risk for chronic kidney disease have their blood pressure measured and their blood and urine tested for signs of impaired kidney function.
    MYR 219.00
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    Special Blood Screening

    Special Blood Screening Package is performs at our Wellness Clinic. This screening done by inserting a needle into the patient’s arm, generally in the crease of the elbow. The needle is attached to a vial which is used to collect the blood. This screening extensive preventive healthcare services and facilities in an environment focused on comfort and convenience. This Screening is aimed at individuals of all ages.
    MYR 119.00
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    Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), which are often referred to as speech therapists.

    Speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication. These include articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and others depending on the type of speech or language disorder.
    MYR 779.00
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    Umrah & Hajj Screening Package

    Maintaining your well-being and staying fit during your pilgrimage is the major key in ensuring your Ibadah is performed in a safe manner in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Our Hajj/Umrah Package includes Meningococcal, Influenza, and Pneumococcal Vaccinations. Get yourself and your loved ones immunised for optimum health protection during the pilgrimage.
    MYR 249.00
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    Wellness Health Screening Centre

    KPJ Penang Wellness Centre are here to help you manage potential health risks by providing specific screening programmes and personalised consultation.

    Services include History & Clinical Examinations, Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure Screening, Thyroid Screening, Full Blood Count and many more, to help you manage symptoms such as ischemic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia and other diseases.
    MYR 269.00
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