• Screening Packages

    All screening packages are tailored to your lifestyles.

    Cold Laser Therapy
    Discover the power of Cold Laser Therapy for pain relief and accelerated healing. Learn more about this breakthrough treatment today!
    MYR 60.00
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    Comprehensive Medical Screening

    Level up your health with our comprehensive medical screening packages. Choose the one that suits you best and take charge of your well-being today! 

    MYR 290.00
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    Endoscopy Packages

    If you're curious to explore your inner world, we've got the ultimate endoscopy packages ready for an unforgettable journey. Dive in now!

    MYR 3,088.00
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    ENT Screening

    Discover the power of clear communication with our ENT Screening package. See inside your nasal passage, larynx, and get a comprehensive ear & throat examination for just RM285. Consultation included!

    MYR 285.00
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    Knee Injection Package
    Ready to give your knees the ultimate boost? Introducing our exclusive Knee Injection Package - get ready to conquer any challenge!
    MYR 399.00
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    Nasopharyngeal Cancer Examination

    Be proactive about your health! Get a comprehensive nasopharyngeal cancer examination for just RM180. Includes consultation, physical nose exam, and nasal endoscopy procedure. Don't wait, book now!

    MYR 180.00
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    OHS Screening Package
    Stay ahead of your health game with our all-inclusive OHS Screening Package! Consult, test, and scan - all for just RM135. Book now!
    MYR 135.00
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    Packages Breast Lump Removal

    Confidence, comfort, and care combined. Say goodbye to breast lumps with our affordable package starting at RM7000. Consult the surgeon for details!

    MYR 7,000.00
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    Pakej Berkhatan

    Get your little one's 'big day' done right with our expert-led circumcision package!  Your peace of mind, guaranteed. 

    MYR 600.00
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    Pakej Pemeriksaan Haji

    Hajj Inspection Packages - Affordable rates for different age groups! Don't miss out, book your slot today and prepare for this spiritual journey. 

    MYR 65.00
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    Pakej Rawatan Katarak

    See clearly again with our Cataract Treatment Package! Quick, affordable, and effective. Only for RM3600.

    MYR 3,600.00
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    Pakej Suntikan Vaksin Bakal Jemaah Haji Umrah

    Get vaccinated for your upcoming Umrah or Hajj journey with our exclusive packages starting at RM179! Don't miss out on this essential step.

    MYR 179.00
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