• 3T MRI

    The First Unit in Johor. The most advanced MRI technology.

    Only at KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital

    Introducing our latest service— 3T MRI, a high definition Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner which allows clinicians to detect abnormalities in smaller lesions and anatomical structures that cannot be discovered thoroughly with the 1.5 MRI. This has made KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital regarded as the 1st hospital in Johor to have such advanced MRI technology. 
    3T MRI is a painless diagnostic machine which can produce faster scans and combine images to create 3D images of your internal structures. Hence, you can obtain accurate diagnosis of your health concerns better than other imaging methods. It is also practically efficacious for the following medical specialities:




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    TIPS: What to do Before, During & After an MRI