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    As a global provider of premium healthcare services, KPJ is committed to world-class excellence in every aspect of healthcare. Our medical expertise and advanced facilities enable us to provide a one-stop continuum of care to cater to the rapidly growing demands of the markets we operate in.

    Stroke Care Centre

    Our Stroke Care Centre provide comprehensive rehabilitation focusing on intensive and interactive Neurological/Stroke rehabilitation programs for chronic and acute neurological/stroke patients with all levels of disability.  We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation combining Internist (Neurology), Paediatrician (Paediatrics Neurology), Psychiatrist (Psychiatric Rehabilitation), Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon, Neuroscience Nurses, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist and Dietitians, 

    We aim to help patients gain independence and confidence to carry out their daily activities.  With a team approach, we also aim to empower the disabled person, to assist them in achieving and maintaining their optimal physical, psychological and social function.

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    Our Stroke Care Centre comprises Neurology Services which specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles:

      • In-patient (Neurology Ward),
      • Outpatient (Neurology Clinic),
      • Neurophysiology Unit - Rehabilitation.

      Our Facilities

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      Electroencephalogram (EEG)

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      Stryker Bed

      Our Team

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      Consultant Internist

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      Consultant Paediatrician
      (Paediatrics Neurology)

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      Consultant Psychiatrist
      (Psychiatric Rehabilitation)

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      Medical Officer

      Overview of Stroke

      A stroke is a life-threatening condition that happens when part of your brain does not have enough blood flow.  This most commonly happens because of a blocked artery or bleeding in your brain.  Without a steady supply of blood, the brain cells in that area start to die from a lack of oxygen.

      To recognize the warning signs of a stroke, remember to think to BE FASTuploaded picture

      • B. Be watchful for a sudden loss of balance.
      • E. Look out for sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes. Are they experiencing double vision?
      • F. Ask the person to smile. Look for a droop on one or both sides of their face, which is a sign of muscle weakness or paralysis.
      • A. A person having a stroke often has muscle weakness on one side. Ask them to raise their arms. If they have a one-sided weakness (and didn’t have it before), one arm will stay higher while the other will sag and drop downward.
      • S. Strokes often cause a person to lose their ability to speak. They might slur their speech or have trouble choosing the right words.
      • T. Time is critical, so don’t wait to get help! If possible, look at your watch or a clock and remember when symptoms start. Telling a healthcare provider when symptoms started can help the provider know what treatment options are best for you.