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    Why Telemedicine ?

    Whilst our hospitals are still open and in operation 24 hours to meet the demand of patients with no interruption in our capability and capacity in caring for you and your family, even in this in time of uncertainty .

    To provide our existing patients an alternative reach to your favorite consultant and a ‘peace of mind’ at the comfort of your home.

    Benefits of using Telemedicine

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    How Telemedicine Works

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is Telemedicine (Online consultation)?

    Who is eligible to request for Telemedicine (Online consultation)?

    Why do I need Telemedicine (Online consultation) services?

    Do I need an email account to book an appointment for Telemedicine (Online consultation)?

    Is a Patient Consent form needed before you can consult with the doctor?

    Can the patient’s legal next of kin be allowed to request Telemedicine (Online consultation) service on behalf of the patient?

    Is the Telemedicine (Online consultation) service chargeable?

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