• Cancer Centre

    The Cancer Centre at KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital is a premier cancer care centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The centre offers a full range of cancer services, including diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care.

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    Welcome to your Premier Cancer Centre

    We are with you in your fight against cancer. We offer you comfortable, convenient, and affordable care.

    KPJ Sabah’s Cancer Centre is a complete cancer centre for all types of cancer. Our team is dedicated to fighting cancer and helping our patients.

    We support you with a holistic and compassionate approach, from diagnosis to recovery.

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    Why choose our Premier Cancer Centre?

    uploaded pictureOne-Stop Centre

    The first and only private cancer centre in Sabah that offers complete, integrated, and personalised cancer care.

    uploaded pictureComprehensive Services

    A team of experts at a one-stop cancer centre provide the best care with various services, technologies, and facilities.

    uploaded pictureCancer Care

    People who have cancer can benefit greatly from palliative care to support them in dealing with physical, emotional, and spiritual matters.

    Screening for Cancer

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    Mammograms can identify breast cancer at its earliest stages, leading to timely treatment and improved outcomes.

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    Endoscopy enables early cancer detection in the digestive tract by providing direct visualisation of the organs.

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    Laboratory Tests

    Screening tests like blood tests and pap smears involve collecting tissue and urine samples to check for signs of cancer.

    Treatments and Procedures

    We offer personalised treatment plans for each unique cancer case. Our approach is based on clinical evidence, cutting-edge research, and a patient-centric focus by providing effective treatment with minimal recovery time, cost, and discomfort. We have comprehensive, innovative, and safe treatment options and programs, such as:

    • Chemotherapy drugs
    • Radiotherapy technologies
    • Targeted therapy
    • Interventional radiology
    • Targeted radionuclide therapy
    • Hormone therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Surgery

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    Meet our Cancer Specialists Today

    KPJ Sabah Cancer Centre is Sabah’s first and only dedicated cancer centre. It has a comprehensive team of cancer specialists, such as:

    •  Oncologists
    • Haematologist
    • Gynecologic oncologist
    • Pain management specialists
    • Medical Physicists, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, surgeons, and physicians.

    It provides exceptional cancer care with the collaboration of over 30 other medical disciplines with a state-of-the-art facility such as:

    • Radiotherapy machines,
    • Minimally invasive devices,
    • Imaging, screening, and diagnostic systems
    • Dedicated and fully staffed laboratory
    • Chemotherapy ward
    • Specialised oncology ward

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