• Executive Screening Centre

    The Executive Screening Centre at KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital provides health screening packages for people and businesses. The centre helps you prevent and detect diseases early and live healthily.

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    Why you should go for Health Screening?

    Health screening helps you prevent and detect diseases early. It is good for your health and life.

    • Find diseases or risk factors early
    • Get treatment and prevent them from getting worse
    • Detect silent and serious diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease
    • Prevent diseases by exercising and eating well
    • Do health screening every year if you are 35 or older

    Health Screening at KPJ Sabah

    Executive Screening Centre has expert doctors and specialists who can prevent and detect diseases. We provide customised screening and advice to help you manage your health risks and well-being.

    Services: check health and detect problems early

    • Medical history and physical examination
    • BMI and blood pressure
    • Thyroid function
    • Full blood count
    • And more

    Manage conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. See below for health packages


    The Premium Health screening package includes a full physical assessment (with cardiac and imaging tests), a doctor consultation, and a detailed blood profile (with fasting) for men and women.

    MYR 1,880
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    Our Well Woman Health screening package is for women who face different health needs and challenges in their lives, careers, and motherhood.

    MYR 940
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    Our Well Man Health screening package helps men detect and prevent diseases with age. It has many medical tests and a doctor consultation.

    MYR 850
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    Executive Health screening package is for everyone. It prevents and detects diseases early. It has screening programs and check-ups.

    MYR 350
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    VISA Medical Check-up

    KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital is an authorized Centre in Sabah state to conduct medical check-ups for VISA applications. Our Executive Screening Centre also conducts medical screening tests and examinations required for students, tourists and permanent resident/ immigration visas.

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